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RSU Bunda Margonda

Normal Labor Booking Fee

Normal Labor Booking Fee

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Normal Labor Booking Fee

Normal / Vaginal Delivery (3 Days)

  • The process of normal delivery generally occurs between the 37th to 42nd week of pregnancy. The stages of normal childbirth begin with uterine muscle contractions and are followed by the gradual opening of the cervix. After that, the mother's pelvic muscles will push the baby and placenta out through the vagina

Terms and Conditions :

  • This price is a booking fee for Normal or Vaginal Delivery (3 days) at RSU Bunda Margonda in the amount of IDR 50,000
  • The estimated price for a normal delivery (3 days) at RSU Bunda Margonda is as follows:  

    • Class 3: IDR 9,693,182
    • Class 2: IDR 10,532,430
    • Class 1: IDR 13,748,985
    • VIP / Prime: IDR 17,570,160
    • VVIP / Mother Suite: IDR 19,921,237
  • The estimated price for each class does not include administrative costs of 6% of the total receipt, laboratory examination rates and other medical support (mother and baby), nursing and complications services
  • After purchasing the booking fee service, please register at least D-1 through WA 0821-1316-3417
  • The price of this booking fee service is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Invoice / proof of purchase, must be brought during the visit
  • For further inspection, the normal price will be charged
  • Service prices cannot be combined with other promos
  • Service prices cannot be cashed / returned for any reason
  • Service prices only apply at RSU Bunda Margonda
  • Address of RSU Bunda Margonda: Jl. Margonda No.28, Pondok Cina, Beji District, Depok City, West Java 16424
  • Link Address :
  • WA No. RSU Bunda Margonda: 0821-1316-3417
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