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Klinik Bayi Tabung Mbrio

Complete Male Fertility Screening

Complete Male Fertility Screening

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Complete Male Fertility Screening

  • This service consists of 1x andrology consultation , 1x sperm analysis , DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) and administration fees at the Mbrio IVF Clinic
  • Complete Male Fertility Screening is carried out to determine the condition of male fertility.

Do I need Complete Male Fertility Screening?

  • This procedure is intended for couples who are experiencing difficulties when they want to have children.
  • During the consultation, the doctor will ask and check about your physical health and overall health history.
  • The doctor will also do a sperm analysis to determine the health of sperm and semen.
  • DFI analysis will be carried out on sperm samples to analyze DNA damage in sperm and get an estimate of success in the pregnancy program.

What are the requirements for taking a sperm sample?

  • Before the sperm sample is taken, it is recommended that you fast to expel sperm for 3-5 days.
  • You are also advised to reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • Sperm samples must be taken when healthy and not stressed
  • The doctor must know the history of drugs, herbs and vitamins that are being used.

What is the difference between Sperm Analysis and DFI Analysis?

  • Sperm analysis can find out the following about the condition of sperm:
    • Number of sperm cells
    • Sperm motility (movement).
    • Morphology (physical condition of cells) of sperm
  • Meanwhile, DFI analysis can see the level of DNA damage in sperm cells.

How to read DFI Analysis results?

  • The value of the DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) can be seen from the percentage of damage to the sample, namely:
    • Low DFI: less than 15%
    • Moderate DFI: 15%-30%
    • High DFI: more than 30%

Terms and Conditions

  • The price for this service is the price for the Women's Fertility Screening service at the Mbrio Kelapa Gading IVF Clinic
  • This service only applies to participating doctors: dr. Ayang Halim, SpA (This condition may change at any time without notification)
  • The service price does not include the cost of drugs/vitamins/alkes and other additional actions
  • After making a purchase, please make an appointment via WA 0811-999-0292 H-1 before arrival
  • Services can be used H+1 after purchase and are valid for 7 days from the date of purchase
  • Invoice / proof of purchase, must be brought during the visit
  • For further inspection, the normal price will be charged
  • Service prices cannot be combined with other promos
  • Service prices cannot be cashed / returned for any reason
  • The service price is only valid at the Mbrio IVF Clinic
  • Mbrio IVF Clinic Address: Jl. Raya Gading Kirana, Klp. Gading Bar., Kec. Klp. Gading, North Jkt, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 14240
  • Mbrio Tube Baby Clinic Address Link:
  • Mbrio IVF Clinic WA No: 0811-999-0292
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