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Vitamin C injection

Vitamin C injection

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Injection of Vitamin C FIT Clinic Jakarta

  • This service is a Vitamin C Injection service at the Pondok Indah FIT Clinic, South Jakarta
  • This Vitamin C Injection Service includes the cost of Consultation with Nurses, Clinical Administration, BHP, Safety Protocol

Vitamin C injection

  • Vitamin C injection is an injection process by injecting vitamin C into the body. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient needed for the body to function normally and full of energy
  • Suitable for patients over 17 years old / no gender limit
  • Suitable for patients who have a lot of activities / active workers so they don't get tired easily
  • This treatment is safe for pregnant women
  • Tell your doctor if you have a history of allergies or certain diseases

What Is The Function Of Vitamin C Injection?

  • Boost the body's immune system to be strong against infection and not get sick easily

How Is Vitamin C Injection Done?

  • The duration of this treatment is 10-15 minutes (Conditional)
  • Patients with certain health conditions need prior consultation before treatment
  • Intravenously (through a vein)


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Treatment After Action of Vitamin C Injection

  • Immediately consult a doctor if disturbing side effects appear

Possible Side Effects After Vitamin C Injection

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Clinic Location Information

FIT Clinic - Jakarta

Terms and Conditions :

  • This service does not include medicines or vitamins if needed
  • This service does not include treatment or other actions if needed
  • If there is a treatment or other medical action, the difference in billing fees can be paid directly at the FIT Clinic
  • After purchasing services, please register for booking via WA 081398773739 before treatment time (as long as the doctor's schedule is available)
  • This service can only be used at the FIT Clinic
  • Must show email and order number during a visit to the clinic as proof of purchase
  • Service prices cannot be combined with other promos
  • This service cannot be refunded/returned for any reason
  • Services that have been purchased are valid for 60 days after payment is confirmed
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and apply to purchases after the time of change
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