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Cata Medical Care Clinic

NIPT Essential

NIPT Essential

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NIPT Essential Cata Medical Care Clinic

  • Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is a test that can be done to detect chromosomal abnormalities during pregnancy
  • NIPT is done via a simple blood screen that uses DNA (called cell-free DNA or cfDNA) to analyze a baby's risk for genetic disorders.
  • NIPT can be performed any time after 9 weeks of pregnancy, as well as earlier than prenatal check-ups or other diagnostic tests

What is the Purpose of the Essential NIPT Examination?

  • The NIPT examination aims to screen and find out the condition of the fetus, whether it is at risk of having genetic disorders
  • Find out the gender

How to Do the Essential NIPT Screening?

  • NIPT simply involves a quick blood draw with a syringe, usually through the arm
  • The NIPT examination was carried out directly at the Cata Medical Care Clinic

What types of checks do you get from NIPT Essential at Cata Medical Care Clinic?

  • 3 Major Trisomies (T.21, T.18, T.13 ), 4 Sex Chromosome Abnormalities (Turner Syndrome, Triple x Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, Jacob Syndrome) & (Plus Gender/Gender)

How Many Types of NIPT Examination Are There at Cata Medical Care Clinic?

  • NIPT examination at Cata Medical Care Clinic is divided into 3. Namely NIPT Essential, NIPT Plus and NIPT Premium Examination

Terms and Conditions :

  • The price is the price for the NIPT Essential service at Cata Medical Care Clinic Tangerang Banten
  • The service price includes examination fees for 3 Major Trisomy (T.21, T.18, T.13), 4 Sex Chromosome Abnormalities (Turner Syndrome, Triple x Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, Jacob Syndrome) & (Plus Gender/Gender)
  • The price of the service does not include the cost of vitamins or drugs, doctor consultation and administration
  • For further inspection, the normal price will be charged
  • After making a purchase, please register by calling WA 081210102222
  • Please register min. D-1 before the visit
  • Services can be used H+1 after purchase
  • Services are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Invoice / proof of purchase, must be brought during the visit
  • Service prices cannot be combined with other promos
  • Service prices are non-refundable/non-refundable
  • Address of Cata Medical Care Clinic : Jl. Lake Poso 2 No.2, RT.1/RW.1, Medang, Kec. Pagedangan, Tangerang Regency, Banten 15334
  • Cata Medical Care Clinic Address Link:
  • WA No. Cata Medical Care Clinic : 081210102222
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